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We assess cyber risk in dollar terms


We improve communication to the board and shareholders about the impact of cyber risk.

How? We speak CFO and translate our cyber assessments and peer rankings into relevant value metrics in a language that that BoD/CFO speaks, including cyber risk, ROI, Cyber Value at Risk for Shareholder Value.


We Provide Quantified Cyber Risk Assessment at 3 levels:

1) Overall Sector Rank, 2) Individual Sector Rank, 3) Individual Security Vendor Rank.

We can provide accurate initial assessments within 72 hours.

thought leadership

We work with institutional investors, academia & regulators to better define the tenants of market-based solutions to curb cyber risk. Together with these groups, we are working to be an ‘industry standard’ for transparent, objective cyber risk audits.


We can also provide Cyber Value at Risk for M&A Assessment.

Quantitative Assessment of Cyber Risk in financial terms based on actual, objective data (not theoretical, meaning boards can have a more actionable plan).


Our Digital Research Platform in Luxembourg utilizes both large scale data analysis and methodologies from other scientific disciplines to produce unique insights on the intersection of shareholder value and cyber risk.

Our predictive models for cyber risk are backtested against market data to justify model accuracy. We also use our proprietary modeling to produce research focused both on macro impacts of cyber at the sector level of the economy. Our research is only available to existing customers.

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