More executives reorienting entire business strategy around digital


Three key findings in a recent McKinsey survey of nearly 900 executives help define the nature of the digital acceleration in the corporate world since COVID‑19.

  1. Share of digital or digitally enabled products in company portfolios has accelerated by seven years
  2. The biggest shifts—including enhanced migration to the cloud and increased spending on data security—are expected to last
  3. Perceptions of technology have shifted from being a source of cost savings to investing in technology as a competitive advantage and for 1 in 5 executives reorienting the entire business around digital technology



These numbers provide further context around why companies that manage digital transformations well are outperforming those that don’t. It has reshaped every sector and companies that were slow to adapt pre-crisis are now trying to catch up. But in the process of playing catch-up, some companies place an emphasis on growth at the expense of data security and the growing vulnerabilities that come with a much larger digital footprint.

Though 1 in 5 executives claim to now be reorienting their entire business strategies around digital, this number will grow further in the coming 12-18 months. And as there is increasing investment into further digitizing both internal operations and external-facing customer interface, the separation between companies that do it well and those that do it poorly will also likely only grow. The Cyberhedge indices put hard numbers to how this is playing out.

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What are the Cyberhedge Cyber Governance Indices?

These first ever benchmarks prove good cyber governance matters to shareholder value. They measure stock market performance of companies with good and with bad cyber governance scores. Scores are based on Cyberhedge’s proprietary cyber governance rating methodology. Market performance is tracked by an independent firm. The results show that companies with good cyber governance outperform their peers in US, UK, and EU markets.

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