Cyber Governance Alert: Melrose

1-Star UK Industrial Melrose is missing the paradigm shift of digital transformation.

Why does Cyber Governance matter?

The neglect of cybersecurity jeopardizes the company’s ‘Buy, Improve, Sell’ strategy that has served it well since its 2003 founding with a strong record of shareholder value creation. To continue to provide strong financial and value creation gains into the future and be best-in-class in Manufacturing today, companies need to execute on digital transformation. Melrose is currently a laggard in this regard.

What does the company need to do moving forward?

If Melrose continues to underinvest in cyber governance, they will continue to be at an elevated risk of a cyber governance failure that would damage the company’s reputation and would likely result in lower future ROI for Melrose’s portfolio exits, and by extension for Melrose shareholders. And while the COVID‑19 driven recession is challenging its core businesses, whatever free financial resources the company does have should be devoted to cyber improvements, which would help to de-risk its portfolio.

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