Cyber Governance Alert

Alerts provide investors advance warning of potential further value loss due to poor cyber governance, as well as recommendations for the company’s C-Suite

Alliance Data Systems

Cyber Governance Alert: Alliance Data Systems

ADS is a financial services company that is doing a poor job of managing its primary assets—data and digital operations. Available resources should be allocated to addressing the most pressing cyber weaknesses in the short term.

Micro Focus

Cyber Governance Alert: Micro Focus

‘Expert’ in digital transformation does poor job managing its own technology, posing increased risks for the companies it provides IT services to.


Cyber Governance Alert: Melrose

1-Star UK Industrial Melrose is missing the paradigm shift of digital transformation.


Cyber Governance Alert: GE

Why does cyber governance matter? GE has rightly identified digital transformation as essential to all of its businesses, but its Cyberhedge 1-Star rating indicates significant underperformance and heightened downside financial risk at a time when the business is already enduring significant shocks amidst COVID‑19. What does the company need to do moving forward?


Cyber Governance Alert: IWG

In the wake of COVID‑19 and the global lockdown, IWG has lost two-thirds of its market value in the span of two weeks. Though it was considered to be in a strong position to take advantage of WeWork’s financial governance failure heading into 2020, the Cyberhedge cyber-financial model alerted us to the potentially negative impact of its weak cyber governance prior to the current market troubles.


Cyber Governance Alert: EON

Why does cyber governance matter? EON’s poor cyber governance performance risks undercutting the post-M&A financial benefits of its consumer solutions strategy. Despite management’s emphasis on digital transformation, financial constraints could limit the near-term resources available to address the company’s valuation discount related to cyber weaknesses. What does the company need to do moving forward?


Cyber Governance Alert: Ryanair

Ryanair entered 2020 in decent financial shape relative to other low cost airlines. But in addition to the COVID‑19 disruption, poor cyber governance poses a risk to the company’s industry-leading operating margins, the key enabler for RYA’s aggressive pricing and thus market share growth post-COVID‑19.


Update to Cyber Governance Alert: Hertz

COVID-19-related travel disruptions are having a material impact on Hertz’s (HTZ’s) operations and financial position, as well as an increased likelihood of an operational problem related to its poor cyber governance.


Update to Cyber Governance Alert: Informa

COVID-19 disruptions to travel and global business operations are having a significant negative impact on Informa’s (INF’s) core customer events business and its financial position.


Cyber Governance Alert: Hertz

Why does cyber governance matter? Though it makes money from renting cars, HTZ is increasingly dependent on digital technology to generate value. HTZ operates in a highly competitive market with stagnant growth in which costly technological transformation is required to maintain a competitive position. Coupled with poor profitability and weak key debt metrics, this leaves little room for error in its management of cyber risk.


Cyber Governance Alert: Macy's

Why does cyber governance matter? Cyberhedge has issued a Cyber Governance Alert on M because we believe the company has little margin for error in executing its digital strategy, and it must allocate the capital necessary to effectively manage the downside risks of this transformation to compete with online retail giants.

Rite Aid

Cyber Governance Alert: Rite Aid


Cyber Governance Alert: Informa

United Technologies

Cyber Governance Alert: United Technologies

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