Advisors & Shareholders /// Bigger budgets don’t correlate to better protection.

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quantify &
measure risk ///

Concerns over how Cyber Governance impacts a company’s reputation and brand value are increasing.

peer comparison key risks cyber value at risk ///

We work with institutional investors, academia & regulators to better define tenants of market-based solutions to curb cyber risk. Together with these groups, we are working to be an ‘industry standard’ for transparent, objective cyber risk audits.


cyber value
at risk ///

Our “Cyber Value-at-Risk” metric is sourced from public data, so we can provide you with risk assessments and peer comparisons without your M&A targets even knowing.


deep dive
reporting ///

For a deeper dive in cooperation with your client’s management team, we provide a more detailed road map for cyber risk, much more than a vulnerability scan or pen test on target.

assessments ///

To top off a more detailed report, we provide an accurate vendor assessment as well as budget estimates for future security cost-efficiency and ROI. We can also offer estimates on ease of the M&A target’s integration into your customer’s existing technology architecture.

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