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By Cyberhedge

May 13, 2019

N EW YORK, May 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Cyberhedge, a data science pioneer in cyber risk quantification, today announced the debut of the first-ever Cyber Governance Indexes, innovative performance benchmarks that provide market-based proof that companies with good cyber governance outperform peers in shareholder value terms – and vice versa.

To develop the Cyber Governance Indexes, Cyberhedge ranks 5,000 companies at the beginning of each month from best to worst using real-world financial modeling, and then measures the actual performance of the top and bottom 20 percent at the end of the month. The ranking methodology is based on an ongoing assessment of the quality of cyber governance for every public entity, not just those that have announced a breach. The ongoing results from 2017 to present are displayed in the indexes and offer the most tested and proven financial estimate of cyber risk on the market.

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