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December 20, 2018

H oofddorp, 20 December 2018 – The analysis company Cyberhedge states that 2018 will be the year on which the attractiveness of social media will decrease, and with it profitability. The alleged hack that has hit Twitter is the beginning of a new phase in which more calls for stricter supervision and standards for the management of digital assets come. According to Cyberhedge, the problem with Twitter is not so much the hack, but the lack of established standards for the management of digital assets.

Twitter is being punished for two contradictory measures that struck Monday. The American Senate accused the company of providing insufficient openness about the way it handles data. This is one of the reasons why Twitter decided last Monday to show its transparent side by announcing that it has become a victim of a hack. However, the company did not reveal much about the possible consequences of this incident. According to Cyberhedge, it is not surprising that this has confused the market.

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