CII Spring 2020 Conference

Cyberhedge Senior Research Analyst Chris Nolan joined the Council for Institutional InvestorsSpring Conference in Washington, DC. to speak about investor and board engagement on managing cybersecurity risks. “All companies grapple with three priorities: growth, cost, and security, but they can only choose two at any time. Boards and C-suites must have visibility into security ROI in financial terms.

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Webinar: Addressing Cyber Risk and Security Effectiveness in the Digital Age

Digital transformation is sweeping the modern world of business as organizations become increasingly cloud-based, automated, and global. As it does, companies must choose between top-line growth, cost-savings, and cybersecurity. Too often, organizations choose to prioritize growth and cost efficiencies over security, ultimately leaving their valuable digital assets unprotected. In this webinar, Cyberhedge Founder and CEO Ryan Dodd joins VerodinCISO Brian Contos to discuss the urgent need for companies to understand and measure cyber risks as they implement their digital transformation strategies.

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Cyberhedge Talks Risk Mitigation at Guidewire Connections Conference

The Guidewire Connections conference, which took place November 3-6 in National Harbor, MD, brought together thought leaders from around the world to tackle the most critical issues for the future of the insurance industry. Cyberhedge Founder and CEO Ryan Dodd joined fellow panelists from Marsh, S&P Global Ratings, and Zurich North Americato discuss how organizations can mitigate new risks facing them today.

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Founder/CEO Ryan Dodd Delivers Keynote at Nordic Data Privacy Arena in Stockholm

Speaking at the recent Nordic Data Privacy Arena in Stockholm, Cyberhedge Founder/CEO Ryan Dodd discussed how data privacy and cyber governance more broadly is fundamentally about money. As such, the challenges we (policymakers, regulators, companies, consumers) are wrestling with cannot be solved through regulation alone — they also require economic solutions.

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These first ever benchmarks prove good cyber governance matters to shareholder value. They measure stock market performance of companies with good and with bad cyber governance scores. Scores are based on Cyberhedge’s proprietary cyber governance rating methodology. Market performance is tracked by an independent firm. The results show that companies with good cyber governance outperform their peers in US, UK, and EU markets.

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