Institutional Investors

Poor cyber governance results in more investment losses than any other risk — and cyber is now the most important governance risk today.

Asset management
Gain the ability to index for better portfolio management using Monthly Indices across all sectors and developed markets (US, UK, EU).
Market intelligence
Gain visibility into how cyber risk impacts portfolio company operations and how current cyber governance performance is impacting financial performance with investment research.

Board and C-suite Executives

Manage cyber risk by defining it in tangible, financial terms based on real-time, market-tested, accurate data for the first time.

Familiar financial metrics you can use to mitigate technology risk.

Cyber governance in financial terms
Accurately quantify technology risk across the organization with custom metrics that can be incorporated into standard reporting at the Board and C-suite level. Understand cyber governance in real-time and make the right decisions to improve performance and lower risk.
Peer performance rankings
With multiple scenario analysis, compare your performance on cyber governance to peers in the sector and understand how your rating can improve, including understanding the strengths and weaknesses that most contribute to your performance.
Real-time assessment of how cyber is impacting enterprise value
Quantify cyber risk in financial metrics with a series of reports for your board’s Audit Committee, as well as objective reporting metrics for your shareholders. Track how much of your budget should be spent on different aspects of cyber (network security, management system, people) with the help of a roadmap for cyber risk.
Cyber preparedness
Position your organization for success by pinpointing financial priorities and making sure investments in technology security are yielding the best results. Enrich your reports and stakeholder engagement on cyber with superior insights from reporting tools, such as real-time assessment of Return on Cyber Assets (RoCA) Scenario Graphs.

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What are the Cyberhedge Cyber Governance Indices?

These first ever benchmarks prove good cyber governance matters to shareholder value. They measure stock market performance of companies with good and with bad cyber governance scores. Scores are based on Cyberhedge’s proprietary cyber governance rating methodology. Market performance is tracked by an independent firm. The results show that companies with good cyber governance outperform their peers in US, UK, and EU markets.

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