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Views on the crisis through a cyber-financial lens

Cyber governance performance is a key factor in determining how companies will manage through the crisis. Cyberhedge’s premium research on industries and companies impacted the most is available for all to read.

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About us

Our Story In 2015, Ryan Dodd (founder) was an institutional shareholder in companies whose data and software code was the primary source of the companies’ value. Frustrated by corporate boards’ inability to clearly report to him and other shareholders on how their executives were managing and protecting their companies’ valuable data, he began creating financial models to help “hedge out cyber risk” in the fund portfolios.

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Institutional Investors Poor cyber governance results in more investment losses than any other risk — and cyber is now the most important governance risk today. Asset management Gain the ability to index for better portfolio management using Monthly Indices across all sectors and developed markets (US, UK, EU).

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What we do

Transparency Cyber Governance Alerts and Monthly Index scores provide transparency, allowing insurers and bond/equity holders to see how they compare to peers, backed up by validated market data. Cyberhedge Governance Alerts Cyber Governance Indices Quantification Understand cyber risk and governance in financial terms. Only Cyberhedge measures the impact of your cyber governance on shareholder value and financial statements.

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What are the Cyberhedge Cyber Governance Indices?

These first ever benchmarks prove good cyber governance matters to shareholder value. They measure stock market performance of companies with good and with bad cyber governance scores. Scores are based on Cyberhedge’s proprietary cyber governance rating methodology. Market performance is tracked by an independent firm. The results show that companies with good cyber governance outperform their peers in US, UK, and EU markets.

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