About Us /// You should be getting your money’s worth on cyber budgets

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What’s the most valuable asset corporations have in the digital age?

Clear Cyber Hygiene Assessments ///

For corporate shareholders, executives and directors, any traditional business risk report is incomplete without a clear assessment of cyber hygiene’s impact in business and monetary terms.

Regulation and increased market scrutiny are demanding more transparent and relevant reporting standards. Assumptions and statistical probabilities are not enough. Stakeholders should demand evidence and financial significance when it comes to rating and reporting on technology risk.

Stop saying “cyber risk”. It’s business risk. It impacts value across every aspect of company infrastructure like other mission critical risks of an enterprise.

Our Approach ///

Don’t allow cyber jargon and fear marketing to dominate the discussion. Demand the same reporting standards and clarity as you do for other strategic risks. We want to help companies communicate about risks from technology and data security in a familiar language: money…are you getting your money’s worth?

Our Story ///

In 2015, Ryan Dodd (founder) was an institutional shareholder in companies whose data and software code was the primary source the companies’ value. Frustrated by corporate boards’ inability to clearly report to him and other shareholders on how their executives were managing and protecting their companies’ valuable data, he began creating financial models to help “hedge out cyber risk” in the fund portfolios. This model was the first step in creating Cyberhedge.

Drawing on Ryan’s 20 years in finance, including proprietary risk modeling in complex environments, derivative structuring and allocation of risk capital as a successful hedge fund manager, it took 2 years to develop the data platform powering Cyberhedge that now gives corporate boards and executives an instant cyber risk rating with significance—i.e. in monetary terms, and backed by market data—on which they can rely for more accurate business risk measurement, tracking and reporting.

Cyberhedge Team ///

We believe a cross-disciplinary approach differentiates the research driving our service.

Led by Founder and CEO, Ryan Dodd, Cyberhedge has expanding teams in Europe and the United States. Our team includes PhD’s in biological networks, experts in econometric modeling and seasoned policy wonks. To ensure we have a wider lens for asking the right questions about the economic impact of technology risks, our team also includes global financial professionals and risk managers. Together with our investment partners, we have a deep bench for insights from senior national security officials, cyber tech leaders and regulators. With our diverse backgrounds, we look at technology risk from multiple angles, helping to deliver a straight-forward analysis with richer context.

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